Sunday, 13 October 2013

Think You Know Everything There Is To Know About Aquarium Maintenance?.

All fish owners want their tanks to run efficiently and look their best. In order to ensure that the aquarium setup looks beautiful and its residents stay healthy, it's important to stay on top of aquarium maintenance. Some tasks are simple enough and can be taken on by just about anyone. For example, those who have a simple freshwater setup can probably handle weekly cleanings on their own. It's important to clean regularly so that the water not only looks good but also has the proper balance of chemicals. Fish are delicate creatures, and one wrong move could lead to their sickness or even death.
Professional companies now offer a number of aquarium maintenance services to help owners of more complex setups stay on top of things. Large freshwater tanks and most saltwater setups require the service and attention of a professional, at least occasionally. Professionals in the industry can help keep the system clean and ensure that the fish are living in a healthy environment where they're sure to thrive.
Aquarium maintenance is one of the things individuals and businesses need to consider when having a tank installed at their home or place of business. Many businesses, such as banks, dentists, hospitals, and restaurants, enjoy the benefits of having an aquatic setup. A beautiful aquarium is basically a breathing, moving piece of art. It entertains customers waiting for appointments and relieves stress for patients.
There are a few different types of aquarium maintenance that need to be carried out on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. When it comes to a saltwater setup, it is generally advisable to complete a thorough review of all the aquarium's components approximately four times per year, including the lighting and heating systems, aeration pumps, filters, and all tubes. Just a few examples of the work that is needed on a bi-weekly or monthly basis include cleaning the glass, removing mineral build-up, conducting water quality tests, and cleaning the protein skimmer. Testing water quality and adding the appropriate minerals or chemicals is one of the most important aspects of fish ownership. Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH will all need to be tested and monitored closely.
In between aquarium maintenance visits, there are plenty of tips that fish owners can follow in order to keep their tank in optimum condition. First, it's important not to place too many plants and animals in the tank. Secondly, avoid overfeeding. Ask a professional if in doubt about how frequently your fish need to be fed and what types of food they should be given. When setting up the tank, it's also smart to invest in a high-quality filter system. Algae-eating fish are often a smart addition to the aquatic community and can make a real difference in how clean the tank is kept in between professional cleanings. It is generally considered a good idea to avoid putting a tank in direct sunlight since that can result in overheated water -- and fish -- plus an increased algae growth rate.